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Freddy is bold, warm and never says no to a good party. People are our jam and we love to work with couples that want to do something a little bit different than the classic.

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Who's Freddy?

Freddy is the nickname of Hannas beloved son who is a big inspiration and brings so much joy and love. As simple as that. Our Founder Hanna has a long history of working with visuals, people and projectlead. Freddy Weddings is created from her heart and passion for hosting, setting tables and creating good vibes.

We are stationed in Sweden but we go where our couples go. Every early summer, when the canola fields around our hometown blossoms and a new Swedish wedding season starts, we feel humility and warmth that we get to do what we are so passionate about. Our ambition is that you feel that too.

Never in a million years would Freddy Weddings be what it is without the people behind it.
Soon all those people will be presented right here.
Stay tuned!
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